Friday, April 9, 2010

Vito Qaqa Junior

Bula everyone! well where should i start, I just graduated in May 2009 in Travel and Tourism Management with a Buisness minor from BYU Provo. I have also been playing rugby for the university and this year we managed to win the national championship game after being runners up for three consecutive years. I was also married to my beautiful bride Charley Suzzane Shields on the 18th of december 2009. Mummy was able to attend the wedding thanks to all the friends and family who have played a very instrumental part in making her trip possible. Now i reside in Provo Utah with my wife, she works for community action which is like a food bank non profit organization. I currently work for the Provo Marriott Hotels doing customer service, we are happy to be together and to be enjoying each others company.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daddys Message to the Qaqa Generation!

I am thankful for this opportunity to write to all of you, and I wish if the small ones can also have an e-mail address. I am thinking if there is a better way of communicating as a family weelky or fornightly or even monthly so that we can be in touch and be updataed more regularly. Ju and lewa do through in you views as we will meet in here and tell you our thoughts. We can add lots of things and even the young ones can join in just for family events and this can be our family journal right away and be up dated weekly or even daily if possible. The facebook is great but some thing just for the family will be wonderful. May be a website just for our family with all these photos and we can add on from there.
It is not too late to start something good, so let us get started. I want to bring something up as well and I thing the bigger ones might have heard of this idea too but just needs to get it moving. How about opening a family financial account which can be connected to out new plan website project and get in running. This will be for all the Qaqa family, children and future grand....if ther will be any. Mummy and I are getting older and we need to start something as a family project before we are gone. Let us say, every pay day all the Qaqa clan, children, etc wherever you may be need to throw in an amount of money to the family account so that we can accumulate our financial pool for any future rainy day for any family member as long as you are contributing. The out look can be very benefiacial to you and your family and this is a self sustaining or self reliant welfare project rather than we depending on the others, borrowing from the money lenders, from the bank because they pay so much interest. Mummy and I or even our family have been going through this kind of life for a long time and we are trying to build something from our experiences or mistakes inorder to protect the coming Qaqa generation.
I did not really realise the strength that our new surname the QAQA's until lately and no wonder why we are so strong in things that we are doing and giving our best in all that we or you do. Our surname is also tied to the movie FOR EVER STRONG....or what you call it? Max I read this in you facebook mesage somewhere with mummy and yes you are really true that we can make a T-Shirt for that movie and it really means QAQA. Our surname is already in the market, even the QAQA products over here but the only thing is to tie something to what is going on and expand from there.
It is about time to start family projects, family news letter or website, a family financial account, then somner or later a family business, so that you can all be apart off right now and then improve on when you start working.
I only have about 7 more years to work and retirement is coming very soon. We all want you to work hard in school so that you can all get good grades, all have degress or even masters before you start working, and that will be the standard for the Qaqa generation starting with all of you now. Do not look forward to have a permanent work with out a degree or masters. Junior has done that and Lewa is about to graduate with her degree in April. Max, Nika and Darky you will be the next in line.
Marriage will be after serving your missions for the boys and a choice for the girls. I do not know why I am writing like this to you, but I can not sleep tonight and I thought of writing to all of you with this family inspiration, and needing your feelings, prayers and counsel before we move on.
Our family goal now is to buy a house or even a farm so that we can prepare for our family projects and for all our up coming grand children and as well as our retirement preparation. For those who are schooling go a head to the best of your ability, do not think of working yet, and I guess Junor is the very close one to this set up plan now besides Lewa, but Lewa is a Togan now and we can not say more about her.
Junior has gonethough everything setting a platform for all of your to follow or to go through with a high stangard, schol, mission, going for futher education, graduated with a degree from Provo University as a single student, being part of the well known and successful BYU Rugby team, going through his internship overseas and I know that he will marry in the temple very soon. He will be in the field of business and in tourism particularly.
Lewa has set an example that you can go to University even though she got her Diploma and can work and decided to futher her education for a degree and at the same time marry in the temple but still a student. Lewa will be in the field of sports science.
Max is doing the same thing, finished his high school, served his mission, attending the University thus looking forward to futher studies overseas, and at the sametime looking around for a wife to marry in the temple. Max has many good memories and achievements in sports and will like to
mojor in that area as a proffession.
Nika is just following up Max and attending the University and darkie doing the sametoo with but doing form 7 which is University level but in high school level. She has been a happy go girl, very enthusiatic with great communication skills. Nika love to work in the are of tourism
Hally has been doing great in almost all areas, and lately enjoying volleyball and basketball and being named the best paleyr at her level during the Secondary school basketdall tournament with a voucher of $200 worth of things. Iam sorry hally for hurting you lately, and would like to be a surgeon.
Mela has been steady through, very realiable, always want to help with out motivation has
talents in sports, and especially computer with eagerness to be an air hostess.
Iki has been enjoying things and is ore serious with his sports achievements in soccer and rugby rather than anything else. He represented the school in soccer and rugby and even at the Suva and Nasinu district level. We have just returned from the Milo Kaji finals in Nadi for a week despite his injured wrist with a plaster. iki wants to be an engineers besides being a soccer or rugby professional player.
Davis is avery interesting indivisual and is so talented in many things, is very confident, doing great in school and also in the field of sports. David love music, dancing, animals, and sports such as soccer, rugby and atheletics. He represented the school and even Nasinu to the finals and we are looking forward to this this year. He want to be a layer and even a pilot.
Mahe still enjoys his "domi" very much, doing well in gade 1, and is very talented in art or hands on activities. He loves to help at home and will like to be a cow boy, a doctor and loves volleyball.
Angelica has taken everything in the family, very confident, a very strong leader, can really talk with strong imagination, a happy child who is full of happiness, ego, taste,and will be strong in sports too. She wants to be a doctor and is just ful of life
Mummy and I are happy to declare that out of the 11 Qaqa children 5 are in the University level Education, but 4 will need to comeplete that in a few years time.
We do love all of you, and we arre proud of all of you even for the young ones such as hally, Mela, Iki, David, Mahe and even the talkative Angelica. I can see the Qaqa generation becoming famous in their may ways soon or in the future which we need to start right now.
Sorry for all the faillures that I did as you have seen or witnessed, and it s because of your loving and honest mother that keep us together going forward.Mummy is just a special lady and please do learn from her, and always try to cheer her all the time. There is no one else like mummy besides my mother Mama. Your mother can never ever be replaced by anyone else and I do admire all that she has done for me especially anfd for the family too. I am here living, and all of you living where you are and will become very great and successful individual soon because of your mother Una. She has been a heavenly model to all of us and her contribution and achievent can never ever be repaid financially as it is worth more than what money can offer. Mummy's worth is beyond gold, silver or even diamond, she is worth recognition but may never want it to be done openly.Please always remember her in all you prayers, and always do your very best in all that you do so that you can make her feel, happy, proud, cheerful and even smile.
This is my father's day message to all of you, and please forgive me for all the worongs that I have done to all of you which may vary in sizes or may have happened at different times. I may have offended you, hurt you by words, deeds , swore at you or even physically abused you which always happene, please forgive me.
I am not sure how much more time I might have with you, and please if something happends to me do take care of mummy and your younger brothers and sisters well so that they may be a lot more happier then now and especially to be a lot more stronger in the church. Please allow mummy marry remarry if she shooses to be. To mummy please wisely choose someone who will love our lovely children, and will allow our children to grow more stronger in the church, who will motivate our children to reach their true potentials, so that they can all marry in the temple, with self reliant families and keep the QAQA LEGACY ON STRONGLY,with righteousness as this can only be achieved only with the help of the Lord and Our Savoiur Jesus Christ.
Love from Daddy.
You can save this and keep it for your future ( journal)